Friendly warning regarding parking. If you are coming to a game, picture day, whatever, and you park anywhere but in Grandview little league’s parking lot, your car will be towed.

If you are unsure if you’re on Grandview property, assume you’re not and park somewhere you are sure is Grandview, property. When in doubt ask our don’t park there. The Polk county sheriff has towed several vehicles today, and the owner will be the one paying the tow bill.

Basic rules reminder.

Ok, while many would argue that this is common sense, it clearly needs to be reiterated.

Smoking, anywhere within 20 foot of a publicly inhabited building or structure (concession stand, batting cages, and most importantly, dugouts) is not only forbidden by Grandview Little League policy, it’s also against the law.

Pets, of any kind are forbidden.
We don’t care how small, cute, fluffy, good with kids, good natured or expensive your pet is. If it is observed anywhere on the property you will be asked to return your pet home.  The ONLY exception is certified service animals. And if you use that argument, you’d best have papers ready. 

Bikes, skate boards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters, big wheels, or anything of that nature are also prohibited.  There are simply too many people at the park on any given day for any of this for any reason.
Obviously, wheel-chairs, strollers, or other assistive aids are welcome.

Playing on the field after or before a game is also a big nono.  Keeping these fields in good condition takes a monumental amount of work from our volunteers. Please understand this as we insist on asking your kids to exit the fields.

All of the above rules are mandated by Grandview and it’s board of directors as required and non-negotiable safety requirements. Meaning these rules are here to keep you, and more importantly your kids as safe as possible.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.

Regarding bambam

Ok just a reminder to everyone.

The baseball season started yesterday for everyone except or youngest baseball stars.

Our bambamers don’t stay pay until May. While we do have schedules.we do not have teams drafted. That won’t happen until the middle of this month. So you should hear from coaches in a couple of weeks.

I personally can’t wait to see our up and coming stars start paying.  Always a joy!

Cleanup and signups.

Remember, this Saturday, March 29th starting at 9am we will be at the ball park for spring cleaning.we we’ll also have a few people taking registrations until 1pm

Just as an aside, this is your last chance to register your child for pay before games start, excluding Bam-Bam of course.

Regarding Signups

If you’re waiting until the last minute to register, it is officially the last minute!

We will be at the ball park, 9AM – 2PM Saturday, March 22nd, DURING Spring Clean up, taking late sign ups.  As such, FRIDAY, March 21st will be the VERY LAST day you can register online, I will be shutting down online Registrations at exactly 11:59PM on the 21st of March.  We’re getting down to the wire here, games start the 31st, so don’t wait!

Important dates coming up!

All hands on deck!
We are going to be doing cleanup at the ballpark on the 22nd and 29th of March starting at 9am each day. These are very important days for us, and by extension you.

The more help we get with cleaning up the ballpark the more enjoyable you’re child’s ball season will be. Cleanup days help us identify maintenance issues and just generally make the ballpark a more enjoyable place to watch your children play baseball.

So please let us know by emailing us, or by posting on our Facebook group is toy Cam spare even an hour of your day to help improve your ballpark.

Also add an aside we will be down at the ballpark again on March the 15th (thisSaturday) doing another round of late registrations from 9am to 1pm, or if you can’t drive down, we are still taking registrations online.
The link is to the right side of the page, I will link it in this post later when I can get to a computer.

Late signups announced

Just got word that we’ll have some staff up at the Main concession stand at the ball park taking late signups on Saturday, March 8th, 9AM to 1PM I know a lot of you are waiting until the weather gets better, but you can’t wait any longer!  Get signed up before your kid misses out!

Sports Authority Coupon

Once again, our friends at Sports Authority have given us a stellar discount on equipment.  20% off of your ENTIRE Purchase, but the coupon is valid ONLY on March 15th, and 16th.

The coupon is attached below, simply print it off, present it to the cashier at the checkout!

This will take you to, simply click the “Download” link at the top, or there’s a print icon that should appear at the bottom right of the screen.