Closing Day Events Schedule

Closing day is June 18th.

The grill and concession stand will be open during the ceremonies.

At 10AM our Bam Bam and T-Ball players will take the field to receive their awards.

At Noon (12PM) our Softball Players will take to field to receive their awards.

Finally, at 2pm, our Baseball Players will take the field to receive their awards.


10AM : Bam Bam/T-Ball
12PM : Softball
2:PM : Baseball

Registration Reminder!!


We will be at the ballpark tomorrow 2/13/16 from 9AM – 4PM.  If you’ve not yet registered your child for play, please do so then!

Tryouts, for boys 8 and older, and girls 9 and older takes place the 20th, and 27th of February.

Pricing Details

Tryout Details

Welcome Home Major All-Stars

Unfortunately, as many know, our Major Boys, 12 Year old All star team, and they truly are Stars, are coming home early.

They fought hard, played 3 games across 3 days, and just were simply out-played.

However even in defeat, they are winners.  They beat every other team that stood against them in the State of Iowa.  They are Grandview’s best, and they proved that they are Iowa’s best.  Cheer them on when you see them, and be ready to go broke buying MLB hats if any go Pro, because I know I’ll be a fan for life after watching them play their hearts out.

They ended their regional championship run with a record of 1 win, 2 losses.

Iowa vs. Kansas 11-3
Minnesota vs Iowa 11-7
Missouri vs Iowa 11-3

I look forward to watching you boys play in the coming years!