Boys Tournaments

If you’re looking for some of the best baseball you’ll ever have the pleasure of watching, we have something for you!

Our boys will be playing tonight in an effort to advance to state tournament play.

We have games at Beaverdale, and at our home (GVLL) tonight.  All games start at 5:30 with one exception.  Details after the break.

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Closing Day Ceremonies

Reminder, Today is closing day.

Ceremonies Start at 10AM.

Specific times are below.

Bam-bam and t-ball will be at 10AM
Softball will be at Noon (12PM)
Baseball will be at 2PM

Also, the website will be undergoing maintenance and revision.

What this means is that when you come back, it may look… odd, or broken.  It’s possible it won’t work at all.  Don’t fret, it’ll because I’m working on making it work, and look better for us.

I’m still welcoming feedback on what you’d like to see on the website.
You can click >HERE< for the feedback form.

County Tournament anyone?

The Boys Intermediate Tigers will be showing their best at Raccoon Valley Little League, tonight (6/10/14) at 5:30pm.

If you wish to cheer them on (and please do), you can do so at 5301 Park Ave, Des Moines, IA 50321

You can also click >HERE< for a map with possible routes.  (helpful for you phone users!)

Des Moines, Iowa's premier little league!