Tournament Brackets

Here is the official tournament brackets for the benefit games going on this weekend!  Immediately below, is the brackets, and should be view able from any internet capable device!  Thanks to Nicole Taylor, and her husband Steve for getting these to me in time to make them available to you!  They really went all out to organize this tournament for Jeff, and should be congratulated frequently!

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Fight For Jeff Coed Tournament

Our very own Jeff Heller was admitted to the hospital August 11th with what was a near heart attack. Upon investigation they found his aorta is misshapen and or/bent from a tumor in his sternum. Further testing confirms he has Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Please join us Saturday September 27th 2014 for our Fight For Jeff Coed Tournament.

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Sports Authority and Drake Football discounts.

Ok, so, I got two good discounts for you today.  One from our friends at Sports Authority, the other is from Drake University Football.

Please click the “read more” link, to get the coupons.

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Last call for suggestions

One last call for ideas and suggestions!

As you can see the website has undergone several updates over the past several weeks…..

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